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Niestety, w tej kategorii nie ma jeszcze żadnych produktów.

Coopra company was established in 1989 and since then it has specialized in the sale of interior finishing materials, constantly expanding its range. Many years of experience and presence on the market allows us to set favorable prices in such a way that every customer came out of our company satisfied.

On the surface of nearly 3,000 m2 we deal in retail and wholesale of floor panels, doors, interior doors, exterior doors, glass doors, metal doors, wooden doors, wall panels, windows, skirting boards, wooden curbs, metal curtain and additives necessary for door installation or floor paneling. What sets us apart from competition is the large storage space that allows us to maintain our assortment in constant sales. Thanks to that, you can be sure that you need the product you immediately, without unnecessary waiting.

We offer products in the following categories: floor panels, wooden floors, wall panels, doors, windows and window sills, kitchen countertops, flooring additives, chemistry, decorative stone, roller shutters and curtain rails, floorboards, door handles, molding, wood, cork, garage door, osb, modern design.

In the category of garage doors, we will introduce you to KMT's offer. Knowledge and many years of experience have helped KMT to introduce garage doors that match the most up-to-date market needs. By using the latest technological solutions and the highest quality of the material, have been created gates that combine very important features: timeless design, quality and attractive price.

The choice about the type of garage door depends not only on our preferences, but above all on the shape and size of the area and how much space we have on the driveway, so that you can conveniently enter and leave the garage.

There are several types of garage doors:

Sectional doors are constructed of several segments, connected by hinges and do not require any space in front of the garage. Also inside the garage the gate does not take up much room. Due to the direction of the wing`s shifting, we divide the gates into: upper (with horizontal segments) and lateral (with vertical segments).

Rolling doors also do not occupy much space on the driveway when opened. When opening the door, the narrow horizontal strips move along the guides, mounted on either side of the opening, and wind up on the shaft located in the cassette under the garage ceiling.

Tilting doors open up about 1.5 meters in front of the garage - they will only work in situations when the garage is at a distance from the entrance to the area. It is embedded in a steel frame, which side profiles are working at the same time as guides.

When buying a garage door, the most important thing is what materials they are made of, what security systems are in place and whether they are solid and durable.


"We combine two important qualities: experience and passion”

We invite you to visit our showrooms and visit our website coopra.pl


Exhibition Showroom

Wholesale Sosnowiec

Sosnowiec 41-200
Chemiczna Street 12/19 from Będzińska Street

phone. (32) 266 17 50 , (32) 797 16 18
mobile phone. 608 004 114 / 501 399 311
e-mail :sosnowiec@coopra.pl

Open: monday - friday 8.00-18.00

saturday: closed

Exhibition Showroom

Wholesale Busko Zdrój

Busko Zdrój 28-100
Bohaterów Warszawy Street 122

phone/fax:(41) 378 14 82
mobile phone. 608 004 113 / 608 004 112
e-mail :busko @ coopra.pl

Open: monday - friday 8.30-17.00

saturday: 9.00-13.00







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